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Commercial Interior Design

“Place with sleek perfection is a door to customer’s Heart”

In today’s era, it is more of necessity rather than an elite wish to have a properly well-designed interior of the office space equipped with all the modern essential facilities. This not only helps in massively optimizing the reach of that commercial firm in the suburban locality but also helps in PR (Personal Marketing) of the firm, which plays a very crucial & significant role in the growth of any firm.

But assigning the task of commercial interior designing is a big task in itself. It’s like searching for a needle in a grass field. As there are many companies in the market claiming to be best in their work. But we all know; reality is the opposite on the surface level.

To make this work easier, here comes our role. With us at  Thethekedaar , you not only get to avail yourself of premium class and luxurious quality interior designing service at your doorstep but also gets a commitment to enhancing your experience altogether.

What We Cover?

There can be many types of projects in commercial interior designing, because we know today in Delhi from Businessman, GYM, SPA, Hotel to a normal shopkeeper also wants that where he does his business he looks a beautiful and gorgeous and same problem. Our Experienced Interior Designers have the ability to give you an international level design according to your wishes by making a place like your office or shop.

We Can Do For you:-

Who Are We?

Now in this era of capitalism, when it comes to the interior design of any commercial place to be specific. So, it is found that there is a deep-rooted desire in the core of companies to show all of their achievements and glories in the aesthetics of their firm’s interior design and keeping this into consideration.

We at Thethekedaar exclusively provide a personalized touch to each company keeping their background history and their future vision in mind. Not just that, our highly experienced and qualified staff get one on one with our clients representative to make sure to deliver expected results as of expectations.

Why it is important to have commercial interior designing?

We know most of you might be wondering why it is so important to have interior designing in commercial space.

So, the answer has many layers to it. Let’s start peeling it one by one- 

With us at Thethekedaar, this is achieved by implementing some of the latest design principles and special space-saving techniques that include a special staircase or loft. This makes commercial space highly functional, making the place more work-friendly and inviting.

And with an experienced interior designing firm like Thethekedaar, it is possible to cut the cost. As we are well aware of how to put the best quality of lighting, furniture, and fittings keeping budget constraints in mind.


We at Thethekedaar, not just do interior designing like other companies available in the market. But with us, you will get a chance to avail yourself of artistic work scientifically. We are one of those rare firms that are known and are an expert in blending the art of interior designing with the scientific procedure.

Like in scientific terminology, three things should be kept under consideration while interior designing. They are-

Interior designing is scientific at its core because it requires the designer to understand the behavior of people to create functional space and our designers are best in this.

As hotel interior designers in Delhi, Thethekedaar can give you a 5-star hotel design or a 7-star hotel design option at affordable costs.

Closure -

Considering all the above reasons and facts, we are the best one to reach out if you are looking to give your commercial space a new makeover. With us, you not just get service but also a lifelong relationship with beauty crafted by professionals.

To get more in-depth details about us you can visit our official social media handles. And to get in touch with us, you can soot us personalized messages on our given contact numbers and email.

When a team of interior designers works together, every space becomes beautiful. We have professional luxurious interior designers in Delhi NCR who know what to do in the right manner.

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