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There are many hindrances to overcome along the way to success as an interior designer. Outstanding knowledge of a wide range of styles, aesthetics, and techniques is essential for the best interior designer in Gurgaon and Delhi. Reaching a point where your ideas are so well-regarded that you can make money from them needs a high amount of passion for what you do. If you manage to get there, maintaining your position at the summit of the art form also requires determination once you do. Each location you work on is like an empty canvas, and it should not be filled with a copy of your prior work. You may have a specific personal preference or brand flair want to incorporate into all your designs.


The internet has everything you're looking for, whether it's a website, blog, or application. For design enthusiasts like The Thekedaar, staying existing with luxurious interior design trends and designers has become a way of life. We enjoy reading through our favourite websites, blogs, and communities on home furnishings and interior design. This is why we're always on the lookout for new places to get designnews. You can get some terrific design and architectural inspiration for freshening up the interior of your home by going through our website.


The Thekedaar is a leading interior design firm in Gurgaon. Our core offering is interior design, modular furniture, and renovation for homeowners and entrepreneurs. We are renowned for offering our clients credible information about Interior Designing, Home Renovation, Furniture Designs, 2D Models, 3D Models for homes, etc. However, we also provide space planning in Gurgaon to our clients.


How Do We Work With Our Clients?

We enjoy contrasting our powerful and varied allusions, on which we extensively rely. We intend to tell a story through interior design that mimics the setting rather than getting mired in a certain genre. For us, the subject of sustainability is crucial. We want to create spaces that people can actually live in. We favour natural materials that are rich in light and colour. Our classic editions are in high demand, and our internet editions are equally well-liked. This is what differentiates us from other interior design companies in Delhi NCR.


Our Speciality

The Thekedaar affordable interior designers in Gurgaon deal in high-end residential and commercial interior design projects. We are a group of accomplished experts in the fields of textile, lighting, and architectural design. High-end, timeless projects with Deepak Chamola Interiors' recognizable bold and exquisite classic contemporary style are available. We are the place to go if you're seeking a new, straightforward interior design tool or simply a new source of knowledge about all things interior design. So, why not get the best living room interior design at DLF Golf Links?


Why We?

We, at TheThekedaar, are among the most well-known and cutting-edge interior design firms in Gurgaon. However, for more information, you can directly contact us at the given number.


You can get us by searching for the best interior designer in Gurgaon on your phone. We offer our services in numerous locations such as Gurgaon, DLF Golf Links, Gurgaon Sector 23, DLF City Gurgaon, etc.


Residential Interior Designer For Your Home

Interior design for residential spaces is more than an art. It's about creating a space that is comfortable and peaceful. Thethekedaar designs functional and aesthetic living spaces that allow you to see your reflection. This will help you grow a family of self-thoughts and values, routine discipline, hobbies, and most importantly, a life. We can design, build and decorate any family, no matter how large or small, whether it is a nuclear family or a big Indian family.

We are the residential interior designers in Gurgaon that has a qualified team. We not only focus on today's changing lifestyle but also apply the traditional Indian design philosophy to crafting architecture and curating various utility rooms in Indian homes.

What Kinds of Residential Interior Designs Do We Offer

Bedroom Interior Design

Your bedroom is the perfect place to relax after a busy day. We have a range of elegant and sophisticated designs to make your bedroom look amazing. We can help you with your storage needs, personal taste, lighting effects, and, last but not the least, your good looks.

The bedroom is where you feel free and the only person you have to please is you. Bedrooms are private spaces that you share with your spouse, your children, or siblings. As interior designers in Gurgaon, our goal is to make your bedroom your sanctuary.

Kid's Room Design

Your child's bedroom is where they will spend most of their time growing up. You want it to be both fun and functional. You are running out of ideas for cool bedroom themes for kids? Are you unsure how to include their dream bedroom ideas, such as a glamorous and blingy Barbie or a fun race car? We know that it can be hard to think of cool themes for kids' bedrooms. That is why we are here!

Thethekedaar is one of the best kids room interior design firms in Gurgaon. We have the simple ideas you need to decorate your room without making it messy or leaving behind the essential stuff.

Living Room Interior Design

We can ask you which part of your house is most used or the most luxurious. Living Room will be your answer. It boasts elegant furniture, a fancy LCD, and a great color scheme. What if your living space lacks vibrancy or is dull? Thethekedaar can help you solve this problem.

We can make your living space more attractive so you can show it off to guests and spend time with family. Our reputation is well-known for bringing life to dull spaces.

We have thousands of living room design ideas at Thethekedaar that we are happy to share with our customers. What are you waiting for?! Get in touch with us and let's discuss the modern living room designs you would like us to adopt. You don't have to worry as we handle everything with precision.

Modular Kitchen Interior Design

Your kitchen is the center of your home and undoubtedly its most important. It is also the most used room in your living space. The worst part about Indian kitchens is their small size compared to other rooms in the house.

Although this may not be a problem, it is important to remember that the kitchen requires maximum storage. It stores everything, including utensils, appliances, electricals, and cutlery. The modular kitchen design from Thethekedaar is here to save the day.

Modular Wardrobe Interior Design

The traditional wardrobe that has been a part of your bedroom's decor for over ten years is out of date and must be removed. You need to make your home modern and modern-looking, starting with the furniture. Our latest modular wardrobes are here to make your home a welcoming place. We present to you an impressive and sophisticated collection of bedroom modular wardrobes.

Commercial Interior Designer

Thethekedaar is known for its ability to design beautiful architecture. We are the best commercial interior designers in Gurgaon because we can draw precise and comprehensive briefings from the client's requirements and follow up with our expertise in putting together the right business space. We are the only interior design firm in Gurgaon that offers the most relevant commercial interior solutions for our clients.

Our designs are practical, pragmatic, useful, practical, utilitarian, and functional. We are familiar with the current trends and requirements of specific businesses. Space automation is a growing trend in high-end interiors, particularly at educational institutions. Our experts are always up-to-date with the most recent ideas. We take great care of this.

What Kinds of Commercial Interior Design Do We Offer

Corporate Office Interiors

Thethekedaar's work is based on three elements: Form, Functional, and Design. We use these elements to create the base plan for all of our projects. We go above and beyond to understand your corporate, and we study every detail of your business so we can create a design blueprint that will work for each department and job. This is why Thethekedaar has been voted the best office interior designer in Gurgaon.

Creating corporate interiors that are not only stylish but also functional, takes exceptional skills. We are one of the most sought-after corporate interior designers in Gurgaon. Our innovative design ideas for the reception, boardroom, common area, kitchen space, IT space, ICT room, webinar and recording rooms, wellness room, and other areas make us stand out.

Interiors of Restaurants and Bars

Thethekedaar understands the importance of interior design for diner bars. Our team of top interior designers in Gurgaon can transform your space into a beautiful area that will bring good vibes to your customers and boost your business. Before we design a structure for your diner bar space, our first concern is your business.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the top restaurant interior design firms in Gurgaon. This is because we are a group of dedicated and creative professionals who have extensive experience in designing the luxurious bar and diner interiors. Our designs are unique, creative, rational, and eye-pleasing and feature contrasting elements that can be assembled to replicate your ideas. We are renowned for our ability to create unique personalities and add character to spaces by creating an inviting ambiance.

Retail Interior Design

Thethekedaar is a retailer interiors company that focuses on creating experiences, not just displaying products for commercial businesses. Our designers are more focused on practical ideas and work around business requirements to attract potential customers. Our team of retail interior designers in Gurgaon is highly skilled and trained to take care of every aspect of retail space. We design the perfect space, from lighting design to highlight the products to floor plans that are perfect for staff and engineering solutions to make it easy for them to use.

Our work is dynamic, elegant, and clean. We are among the most sought-after showroom interior designers in Gurgaon. We don't create magic. Magic requires no effort. Our skill is based on our creativity and an ever-evolving approach to learning. Our main concern when working on retail projects is to improve the space in which a business wants to reach and influence its target customers.

Institutional Interiors Design

We ensure that projects are designed using the most current technologies and advanced systems available in that industry. Clients also receive education about these benefits and how to stay ahead of the pack. We also follow the latest trends in interior design and make sure that the colors we use are in line with our client's preferences.

We believe that educational institutions are places where students learn. Interior design plays a crucial role in this. We are able to design interiors for all types of educational institutions in Gurgaon. We have been recognized over the years as one of the most respected interior designers for design and build projects in the region of India.

Interior Design & Build

Thethekedaar does more than interior decorating and designing. We also offer turnkey interior solutions. This includes everything from the initial design to completion. We are fully responsible for delivering a well-designed and constructed project. In fact, we have completed several turnkey projects that included all of our services. Layout finalization, Interior and Exterior Architecture. Site selection. Spares Management. Operation. Manufacture and supply. Project management. Design and System Engineering. Our clients love our work, which has allowed us to get more clients and sell more turnkey projects. We are a top luxury interior designer in Gurgaon.

Thethekedaar doesn't just design interiors, we also design dreams and the future. With our expert knowledge and engineering solutions, we can help you create your ideal space. Our team of highly skilled luxury interior designers creates complete services from start to finish for all types of projects, including residential, restaurant, corporate offices, hotels, and educational institutes. The design-build package includes a complete pack that includes Design Consultancy and Project Management Consultancy as well as Construction.

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