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Residential Interior Designing

“Home is not just the residential place… It’s a feeling of belonging!”

For a human being his home is something very close to his heart. It is not just a place where he and his loved ones reside but also a place where their relationship nurtures. And because of this very reason, wishing for an elegant and beautifully decorated home is a justifiable desire to have.

To fulfill this humane desire, there comes a significant role of an interior designing firm, whose expertise includes smartness, intelligence, and perfection in their craft. And to find such a splendid interior designing firm is like trying to measure the depth of an ocean. In simpler words, it is very difficult.

To make this work easier, here comes our role. We at Thethekedaar make sure to deliver supremely beautifully, well-designed interior residential complexes to our clients. With us, our clients not only get a premium class of Residential interior designing services demanded but will also get a lifetime experience desired.

What is Residential Interior Designing?

To be very precise, Residential Interior Designing is the branch of art and science, where a designer enhances the interior of a residential complex to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

Who Are We?

Thethekedaar is not just an interior designing firm but is also a one of kind of noble initiative to provide the Indian population a budget-friendly house re-makeover. We know, how expensive it is for a common man of India to own a residential property, and to have it interiorly designed is a far-fetched dream for most of the Indian population. Understanding this market demand, We at Thethekedaar provide our premium class services at the most reasonable prices.

Why it is important to have residential interior designing?

We know most of you might be wondering why it is so important to have interior designing of residential space.

So, the answer has many layers to it. Let’s start peeling it one by one-

And having your residential interior designing done by a company like us stamps the guarantee of beautifying your Residential Property.

Having an impressive interior of the house creates an impressive first image in buyers’ minds. He senses luxury in the place and can willingly pay higher rates of the property.   


Choosing us over others can give you an advantage over others. Because we are at Thethekedaar, not only limit ourselves to decorating the interior of the residential outlet but also make sure that there is no compromise with the building quality of the residential outlet in its final stage.

We are also one of the rarest firms, which precisely blend the artistic touch of interior designing with modern scientific procedures.

Like you can distinguish our work from others on three practical scientific implementations, these are as follows-

We firmly believe Interior designing is scientific at its core because it requires the designer to understand the behavior of people to create functional space and our designers are best in this.

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Considering all the above reasons and facts, if you are thinking to give your residential outlet a new makeover this season, we are the best one to reach out to. With us, you not just get service but also a lifelong relationship with beauty crafted by professionals. And as they say, “A beautiful home is a place where divine life.”

So, hurry up, to get more in-depth details about us you can visit our official social media handles. And to get in touch with us, you can soot us personalized messages on our given contact numbers and email.

When a team of interior designers works together, every space becomes beautiful. We have professional luxurious interior designers in Delhi NCR who know what to do in the right manner.

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