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When it concerns your home you want everything to be perfect. Therefore, your home interior plays an important role to change the appearance of your home. With an authentic experience for a very long period, Thethekedaar is one of the best interior designers in Delhi NCR who will enhance the beauty of your home. The initial stage of the designing process begins with space planning and looking up the requirements of the customer and satisfying them. Afterward, we emphasize planning the most suitable strategy to accomplish your goal.

Interior Designers in delhi
Interior Designers in delhi
Interior Designers in delhi
Interior Designers in delhi

We have a team who will take the charge to design your home. In this process, there is a detailed drawing including designs for luxury home designs, open terrace designs and wall designs, etc. We do quick, straightforward, and accurate site control throughout the process. The result is always authentic and usual, which shows the individuality and feelings of the customer about life. By implementing all the right strategies, we are doing work in the commercial and residential sectors. However, whatever the situation is our primary focus is to give our best by living up to our core values. It would be great to turn all the desires of our clients into reality.

Our Designing Process

    The first stage in the process of meeting the customer and understanding is always to take all the steps to understand and collect information for the creation of the concept.
    We will start to plan and manage an agreed conceptualization based on an initial discussion.
    After the concept has been developed, we will offer you complete drawings and conceptual representation for a better understanding.
    Here, we have translated conceptually designed dreams into reality.
Thethekedaar Thethekedaar Thethekedaar Thethekedaar
Thethekedaar Thethekedaar Thethekedaar
Thethekedaar Thethekedaar

Core Values

  • Loyalty, Honesty and Trust
  • Ingenuity
  • Accountability and Commitment to Customers
  • Diversity, Innovation and Quality
  • Value-centricity
  • Passion and Humility
  • Continuous Learning and Constant Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Simplicity

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Our Services


Residential Designing

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Modular Furniture

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Commercial Interior Design

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2D-3D Design

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Interior Designers in Delhi

Interior Designers in delhi
Interior Designers in delhi
Interior Designers in delhi
Interior Designers in delhi

Time-saving Decision

When comes to designing every space of your house proves to be exhausting. Besides this, it takes a lot of time, and in return you get nothing. Therefore, the best way to resolve this is to hire an interior designer who will change the appearance of your home.

Design your Home in Your Style

Interior decorators have better knowledge related to design. As a result of this, they will design your home according to your preferences as it matters the most.

Good Planning

The entire process of designing works on in-depth planning and assessment. Due to this reason, interior designers formulate a plan before designing so that they work according to it.

Works as Per Your Budget

When you hire affordable interior designers then they work according to your budget. Further, they will purchase all the material that goes well with your budget. Most importantly, you can get a stylish home with exceptional designs, attractive colors, and modern furniture with a limited investment.

Modern Tools

Nowadays, interior designers use fine-quality tools for designing your home. Thereafter, they take support of modern software and tools concerning with planning of home and office renovation. While taking the support of these tools they will make the renovation work easier.

Creative Ideas

Following the everyday room designs in these changing times is not a great idea. When you want to change the look of your home or office, you need some creative ideas and designs. Moreover, when you hire an interior designer then they will provide you with innovative ideas and designs for every space.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Home With The Interior Designer Team of Thethekedaar

If you want to renovate your old house or give it a unique look, then you must prefer to consult a professional expert. We at Thethekedaar highly believe that everyone has the wish to live in their dream home. Therefore, hiring the best interior designers in Delhi like us to design your home is necessary. 

But why should you look up to our services among the leading interior designers in Delhi? Here, we have marked down the fundamental reasons why you choose our services. 

● We Help You To Save Your Hard Earned Money & Time: Mostly, all the clients approach us with a restricted budget and a short period. As industry experts, we know how to execute our plans and aim to design your home within a fixed time. However, if you have a plan to sell your home in the future, then a well-decorated home will increase the value of your home.

● Variety of Design Options with Variable Budgets: We offer you various options that go well with your liking, space, lifestyle, and budget. While remembering cost in mind, we provide our clients with different affordable designs and allow them to choose from as per their liking. Besides this, we can customize the design where you can include your personal touch.

● Quality Is Our First Priority: Our motive is to never compromise on quality and offer the best services from our end. Besides this, we present all the ideas concerning interior and lifestyle needs. Therefore, for all the projects in our control, we make sure that we connect our clients with the latest design ideas and renowned furniture & decor brands.

● Fine Living With Vastu Alignment: Nowadays, many clients look forward to Vastu-aligned homes. Due to this reason, we do the design as per your requirements. It will be great to surround yourself with the right energy flow where you are living. Moreover, we aim to provide you with the stylish, affordable, yet Vastu-aligned dream home.

Reasons Why our Approach Becomes the Way to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

At Thethekedaar, we acknowledge that every project's requirement is different. As a result, we include your ideologies to create your dream home. If you are still in doubt about why you should select us from other interior designers in Delhi, then you should know our working method that impresses our clients.

The initial phase of the designing process begins with meeting the client and getting to know each other. It becomes necessary to know which things our clients like.

In the creative process, the initial work begins with concept design. Further, we create architectural layouts for your property and design styles.

In the design development stage, we get into the detail of the scheme. In addition, we also modify the internal and take care of materials used for floors, walls, furniture, etc.

Once the designs are approved, we have to work on detailed construction documents so that the work goes in the right direction.

Our team will also see that all the necessary materials are ordered correctly. Afterward, when all the materials are approved, along with the financial expenses, then the construction work begins.

How Much Do Interior Designers Charge in Delhi?

When a team of interior designers works together, every space becomes beautiful. We have professional luxurious interior designers in Delhi NCR who know what to do in the right manner.

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