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Hire Interior Designers in Naraina Vihar (Delhi) and Make Your Space Charming

At Thethekedaar, we take great pride in being among the top Interior Designers in Naraina Vihar. Our clients have praised us for consistently delivering high-quality products that last. We understand our client's needs and offer quality services at competitive prices using only top-grade materials. Our team brings unmatched clarity and precision to the table, showcasing the newest ideas, research, and work in architecture, design, and interiors. Our mission is to offer our clients our specialized expertise at competitive costs while still helping them maximize their market potential. With such high demand in this market, we strive to assist our clients in every way possible.


What is The Average Budget for Interior Design in Naraina Vihar?

The cost of Interior Design in Naraina Vihar varies based on what type of work you require. For a basic living room, the budget should range between INR 20,000 and 50,000; for more luxurious projects, costs could rise as high as INR 75,000-1,000 Lakh. You have full control over this range according to your requirements and budget.

Interior Designer in Naraina Vihar
Interior Designers in Naraina Vihar
Luxury Interior Designer in Naraina Vihar
Luxury Interior Designers in Naraina Vihar

Naraina's Perfect Interior Design Plan: 3 BHK Flat and 2 BHK Flat

When selecting an interior designer for your 3BHK Flat or 2BHK Flat in Naraina, there are many options and desires to consider; however, to achieve the best design outcome possible you need to be wise with your money.



When designing your dream home, it is wise to leave enough room for future expansions. We have designed 85+ 3 BHK Flats and 90+ 2 BHK Flats in Gurgaon with the help of our experienced interior designers in Gurgaon.



When selecting or updating your home decor, it's essential to take into account the layout. If you have children, for instance, the bedrooms could be located close together. A plan might include lofts with attached bathrooms and separate entries for guests' bathrooms; this provides privacy in each bedroom while providing easy access to drying facilities.



When designing the interior of your home, space efficiency is essential. Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, built-in cabinets, and modular kitchens all help reduce floor area.



Space usage directly impacts the functionality of spaces. You need to take into account where cabinets and white goods can go without detracting from the interior's aesthetic.


Shades and Colors

The paint you use in a room has an enormous influence on its aesthetic and appearance. To give off the illusion of more space, select lighter hues with darker tones to make a room appear larger. You can further personalize the overall look with printed wall sheets, texture walls, or 1:3 contrast colors. Be sure to complement or contrast these walls with furniture pieces and fixtures from within the space as well.



White lights are ideal for study or workspaces. Yellow lights offer warmth and coziness. Remotely controlled lights can now be dimmed or adjusted to your preference. If you're looking to add a luxurious touch to your three-bedroom home, chandeliers are back in fashion! The family room and bedroom, combine bright, cozy, and cool lighting; similarly, kitchens, dining rooms, and libraries should have adequate illumination too. Ensure there are plenty of windows installed in your house so natural light streams into the house too!


Decorations and Accessories

Your house should reflect the individual contributions of each family member to create an ideal family atmosphere. You can mix and match the traditional and modern decor, incorporate family treasures with expensive decor, or create completely different themes for each room. You have complete freedom to decide what comforts you want in each space.


Elegant and Comfortable Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be used solely for sleeping and relaxing. A bedroom should have the bare essentials, such as beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, and a small sitting area. If designing the space for children, make sure they choose safe furnishings. Parents and visitors alike should have more functionality and space in their rooms.


Open, Functional, and Clutter-Free Kitchen Designs

A clean and organized kitchen is essential. Counters should always come first. It may seem counterintuitive but having a well-organized kitchen will give you more space as most cooking gadgets can be used on surfaces rather than the ground. Your counters will be more useful if they're kept tidy and organized.


Interior Design Prices for 3BHK Flat in Naraina

Finishing work includes costs associated with flooring, tiling, and electrical installation; plumbing, sanitary, and water storage tanks; security measures; fireproofing measures; wall putty; as well as window and door repairs.


Construction costs, including labor, can range from Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,700 per square foot of your 3BHK house or flat's plinth area. A 3BHK Flat measuring 900 sq feet would cost between R 10.8 lakh and Rs 15 lakh while one measuring 1000 sq feet costs between Rs 12 lakh and 17 lakh while a smaller 3BHK Flat measuring 1100 square feet will set you back about Rs 13 lakh.


The construction cost of a 3-bedroom apartment/house includes labor, finishing, and civil work costs as well as shuttering and other security-related expenses.

So now time to take a look at the interior design services in Delhi that we provide to our clients. Feel free to contact us if you want to design or just want to decorate your space.