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One of the best interior designer in Defence Colony, The Thekedaar by Deepak Chamola, feels that great style goes far beyond all the shine and show! In order to create the elegance you've always imagined, the space must be designed in the best way possible while remaining functional and expressive. We have the unusual ability to see because we can perceive a location's area and viewpoint. We possess a scenographer's eye and a keen sense of composition that stems from our artistic office. We also frame volume quite precisely. We analyse the structure and pay attention to even the smallest details, detect the abundance of features in a material, and appreciate the appropriateness of a colour. We are conscious of how light interacts with relief and flat surfaces.


"I admire the minimalist architecture," states Deepak, "the detail, the simple, exact vocabulary." So, he established his own business now because he desired to express himself and had to get going; "creation was a need." He designs his projects to be both architectural and environmental projects.


Our Uniqueness

Our distinctive style has been reinforced by architecture and interior designer in Defence Colony, Delhi. Our superior design and skillful space management have distinguished us from the competition both in India and abroad. In places where having an "art de Vivre" is crucial; our"contemporary and traditional touch" is highly valued.


Our Defence Colony interior design specialist’s unmatched elegance has been imprinted on a multitude of hotels and eateries, high-end retail stores, and private homes. No of the size, each project undergoes a protracted gestation period and is supported by research into material, composition, colour, atmosphere, context, and history.


The Thekedaar aimed this impressionistic reflex by making audacious decisions and giving clear instructions. Nothing evades our attention. In order to bring purpose and beauty back to the object and contribute to the narrative of the architectural whole, we develop furniture for our architectural settings. You can also get assistance for Defence Colony interior designer, Delhi.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Considering creating home rooms, our team members focus on carefully selecting collectables that reflect the customer's interests and diverse styles. To guarantee that each building tells its own unique tale, we foster a collaborative discussion between the designers, builders, and craftsmen. The most exacting mid-century modern surroundings are compatible with our work. Our clean, minimalist aesthetic is ideal for any contemporary Scandinavian living room or office. We know that the Nordic lamp features a handmade brass framework and a base made of white Carrara marble, combining a mid-century design. We also know that a mid-century lamp adds a delicate touch to your luxurious interior design by shining light wherever a task light is required.


Without a doubt, being a huge fan of famous designs, our interiors are filled with an abundance of eye-catching materials and textures that are balanced with delicate colour schemes, muted tones, and perfect lighting.


Still, Thinking Why We?

The best interior designer in Defence Colony, TheThekedaar, offers a range of specialised interior designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and aesthetic design sense to produce one-of-a-kind works of art, from styling distinctive locations, and conceptualising interior design concepts, to developing luxurious lifestyles. Our interiors are calm, beautiful, and dramatic and flooded with hints of different historical periods, yet never conventional or precise. We are at the intersection between classical nomenclature and contemporary aesthetics.


We, the interior designer company, combine the essence of the British artist and the 1950s interior design style with our vintage retro look. The exhibited architectural designs exhibit a refined and timeless elegance. Contemporary Modern architecture features clean architectural lines and is excessively basic. 


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