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Top 7 innovative mandir design ideas for your home

Nowadays, more and more people are devoting time to uplifting their emotional values. Performing traditional poojas is one of the satisfactory methods. You can also hire an Interior designer in Delhi who can design your creative mandir in your home. Pooja room is a place in our home through which we can connect to God. The presence of a pooja room in the home can indulge positive vibes in the home. Even as putting in place a pooja room in your new apartment, it’s miles crucial to enhance it properly so that the area must be sparkling and bright. While designing the interior of your home and choosing the innovative mandir design for your home. In that case, you need an Interior Designer who will look out for everything and who will create the best interior for your place.

Here are some Innovative Mandir Design Ideas for you


1) Mandir Corner with Jaali Panels

Mandir Design
Mandir Design

Jaali Panels are the most demanded design in recent times. You can also choose this design to make your pooja room more attractive and it can also give luxurious look as well. This type of innovative mandir design can be easily fit in your living room. Jaali panels are capable enough to give an attractive look to the interior of your home. The use of Jali Panels is considered to be a good option that will enhance the beauty of your mandir design.

2) Mandir in Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra guidelines it is mentioned that one should keep away the mandir from the kitchen. But in this identical time, it’s far beneficial to keep the pooja unit in the kitchen. The presence of a mandir in the kitchen will enhance the beauty of the kitchen as well. New mandir design ideas can give new look to your pooja room and placing your mandir in the kitchen will be good.

 3) Wooden Temple Design 

If you think that your living room area is quite empty and you want to give a new and trendy look to your home so you can utilize that space and can make it a beautiful pooja room a new mandir design will give a unique look. Carved wooden designs for mandir look good when crafted and they are popular these days. This kind of wooden is used is essential so that the timber grain compliments the artistic beauty of the wooden mandir.

4) Traditional South Indian Mandir Design

People who belong to South India love to have that type of mandir design in their home which will highlight their religious values and the architecture of temples of South India. At the same time, it is tough to imitate the South Indian structure in their apartments. One such way to present your pooja room is an out–and–out traditional wooden design for their mandir which will allow them to be intact with their culture.

5) Glass Pooja Room Designs

Glass Pooja Room Design is trending these days. This type of mandir design can give the luxurious look. In this type of innovative mandir design, there is a room made of transparent glass. The use of a glass pooja room design will make a good appearance and it will be liked by others as well.

6) Pooja Room in other material

Mandir Design
Mandir Design

We have seen mandir designs in many kinds of materials like wooden, glass, etc. But nowadays many new designs for mandirs are trending in the market like marble flooring, a carved wooden flooring which will make it good. We all know that white is a very suitable colour for the mandir set up in the home and marble is the best choice for you.

7) Serene Ceramic Design

You don’t need any big space to make a beautiful and attractive mandir in your home. You can also choose serene ceramic to make the mandir in your home. The white and gold combination will surely look beautiful. This type of mandir design will be a perfect choice fr the mandirs that are present in your home.

Even as designing your room pooja ghar, there are several factors that you should consider. If you have a large circle of relatives, make sure that there is enough area for all people to hope. Also, your mandir unit has to have shelves and drawers for all the pooja samagri. Subsequently, make sure that your pooja room location, placement of idols, and diyas are all in keeping with Vastu concepts.

Conclusion-By the help of this blog you will get all the details related to innovative mandir design ideas for your home which you can also use in your mandir design. These mandir designs are so beautiful which will enhance the beauty of your mandir

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